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Connect Groups

Crosspoint connect groups are a biblical strategy straight from the great commission where we are called to “make disciples”. These groups are for the whole church and specifically to help each individuals grow in their spiritual journey and as disciples to maximise their potential for Christ.


Connect groups run in-Person by-weekly and should last around 90 minutes maximum. For the latest groups on offer and to enrol head over to our Crosspoint website.


The goal of our Connect Groups are that all course participants should have time to interact with each other to build community and biblical growth as well as encourage each other to serve on one of our Crosspoint teams. 

Tuesday's 7-9pm
Woman with Bible
Crosspoint Prayer

We believe in the power of prayer and invite all those who love the Lord to gather by-weekly to pray for our church family and for those who are not part of our church family yet. Please message us for more details if you would like to attend. Join us bi-week Online on Zoom

Tuesday Nights 7-8pm
Drop in

Drop-In is currently not meeting at present

Tuesday 1pm
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Q Place is a discussion group that takes place on Thursdays at Deans. All students are welcome, and we provide snacks for them as well. The aim of Q Place is to give students an opportunity to ask questions about God/discuss spiritual matters, as well as provide a space for us to build relationships with the students. We have a book of 1001 questions that we use to help facilitate our discussion. Students pick a number between 1 and 100, and then they answer that question. The higher the number of the question, the deeper and more “spiritual” it is. We also run Alpha every January.

Thursday 3:30 - 4:30pm
Sept-Dec & Jan-Mar
Explore 66

Explore 66 is our Bible study that takes place once a week during the week. All students and Adults are welcome, and we provide snacks. The content of Explore 66 can vary each week; we may watch a video, and read through and discuss a passage of Scripture.

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Thursday 1:10pm During Lunchtime
Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 11.19.02
Parents and Toddlers
9:30 - 11:00am

Currently NOT meeting due to Covid Restrictions-Providing a safe, happy environment for babies and children to play, learn and interact and for parents to feel welcome and supported.

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